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In Service of the Queen Platinum Edition HAPPY NEW YEAR-F4CG

dimanche, janvier 8, 2017 4 - JEUX - Ajouté par TuX-Mania

Description: The Counsellor just arrived with bad news! The barbarians are pillaging and destroying our villages! There is an urgent demand to fix the damages and restore peace in the reign! Will you be up to the task and help the Queen?

Enjoy this brand new charming strategy game as you manage resources to rebuild buildings, bargain with barbarians, and restore order in the kingdom. But be careful to plan accordingly…planning will be key to bring the kingdom back to glory.


  • Over 50 challenging levels
  • Complete wakthrough for each level
  • Gorgeous extras
  • Customizable difficulty levels

Release Name: In.Service.of.the.Queen.Platinum.Edition.HAPPY.NEW.YEAR-F4CG
Size: 290 MB
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